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The kite runner & The good lie

The kite runner is about 2 children Amir and Hassan. Amir is the son of a rich man called Baba, Hassan and his father works for Hassan. The story is about how different life they live. When the soviets invade afghanistan Amir and his father escapes to USA, but Hassan gets left in Afghanistan. Amir later goes back to afghanistan and finds out that Hassan has been murdered by the Taliban. He redeems himself by saving Hassan´s child out of Afghanistan and takes him back to the USA. The kite runner is a good name for the movie because it symbolize Hassan and Amir´s friendship. When he is whiteout Hassan Amir does not fly a kite because he need Hassan to fly it. When Amir takes Hassans child to USA they fly the kite together, but now the rolls are changed and Amir runs the kite to show that they are equal.

The good lie is about 3 guys and a girl from Sudan who have to flee to USA because of the second civil war in Sudan. When they try to leave the country one of them (Theo)  gets taken away. Mamere becomes the leader of the rest of them. At the and of the movie he travels back to Sudan to get Theo to the USA. He end up giving Theo his airplane ticket and passport and sacrificed himself so that Theo can live in the USA. The director chose a good title for this movie. Because when Mamere sacrificed himself for Theo by lying he is lying but it is a good lie.



photojournalism is an important form of journalism. A photo can affect people much more than a a regular text. I photo can say a 1000 words and its easier to remember a photo than a text. Photojournalism have change the world in ways we can comprehend. The photojournalist that covered the Vietnam war help to change the veiw of the U.S population. This pressured the American government to back out of the war. Photojournalism is a important part of the media today because the first thing we notice about an article is the picture and if the picture attracts people to read the article they learn more about the issues the journalist is trying to cover.

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I think this is a very good movie and the subject in the movie is very important. I think it was a very good idea to make a movie about this problem because many teens and young adults don’t read the papir longer and people from different countries like in Norway don’t get the Globe papir. This movie helps to get the message out to the people in the world because the catholic church dont just operate in the USA but in big parts of the world. There are over 1.29 billion followers all over the world.


The most interesting ting about this movie in my eyes is that so many knew about this system and that its not just a couple of bad prist but its the hole catholic church thats helps covering this thing up. This system goes through the hole catholic church and many lawyers know about this case but their hand are tied because the catholic church is to powerful.


I think the movie o


  1. What themes are explored?
  2. What stood out as the main
  3. What themes are explored?
  4. What stood out as the main points/highlights in the movie?
  5. What challenged you? What questions did it raise for you?
  6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of adoption?
  7. Why do you think “Lion” was chosen as the title of the movie?


  1. One of the themes that are explored is the issues around adoption and the motivations of parents who adopt children from different countries and cultures to their own.
  2. The highlight of the movie is when Soroo find his mother. This moment has he waited for his whole life.
  3. I was very curious about what Soroo was going to do whit his adoptive mother when he finds his real mother. At the end of the movie he says he will always love his adoptive mother and he even still calls her mom.
  4. I think it is a big advantage to adoption a child from a poorer country like India. Soroo lived on the streets and had little to no chance to find his real family. When he gets adopted his adopted family take care of him and gets him an education and helps him find his real family.The disadvantages whit adoption is that the child can be resentment to his adoptive family like we see this his adoptive brother Mantosh.
  5. I think they chose to call this movie Lion because Soroo rise like a lion through the movie.




The reluctant fundamentalist

The difference between the movie and the book is very big.  The biggest difference is how you get the informasjon. In the book you see all through Changez eyes. In the movie you can see things from different points of view.

One of the biggest differences is that the plot has changed a lot to. The director put a lot more focus on the racism that Changez is going through and it´s much less focus on Erica. The focus in the cafe is a lot more different then the book. In the book its more or less a one sided conversation but in the movie Changez and Bob talk a lot to each other and they. There is also a different character th in the movie that has been kidnapped and Bob thinks its Changez that is involved

Almost all of the characters in the movie are much more different than the book. The biggest change they do in the story is Erika. The only thing that similar is that her ex died and his name was Chris. She does not have a mental breakdown and Chris died because of her, but in the book he died of cancer and she does have a metal breakdown. Erika and Changez do not even meet in the same way. In the book they meet in Greece but in the movie they just meet at the park. This effect changez because more of the effect he leaves America because of racism.

The other character is the American or Bob. In the book you dont get much informasjon about the americas. In the movie you learn his name right away and thats he is a CIA agent. The focus is almost never on the American in the book but in the movie he have a lot more focus.

To summary in the book there are much more focus on Erika and Changez relationship. The book focus more on Changez and how he reacts in the different situasjons he is in. all over i enjoy the book much more than the movie most because of Changez relationship whit Erika


Father-son relatopnships in the stories

In the story my son the fanatic the relationship is very distant. I think that the son and the father in this story don’t usually spend a lot of time together because the father works a lot. In the story the son is a extreme muslim and the father is custom to the western ways of living. The son starts to lecture his father on the right ways to live.  The son says that hes father is not a good man because he don’t follow traditions and muslim way of life. The history end whit that the father beats up his son.

In the story free for all the roles are switched. The father is the traditional and his son is the one that is custom to the western way of living. In the story the son wants to be a musician, but his father wants him to get a “real” job and dress properly. One day the dad gets home his son is playing loud music and scares his mom and sister and his father slaps him. The son call the police and the father gets punished.  The father then flies to his home country with his family and beats his son up.

There is a lot of different element in this 2 stories. Like that the free for all have a lot more fun tone to it then my son the fanatic. The other big different is that the  traditional one in free for all is the father, but in my son the fanatic its the son. And in the one thats custom to the western world is the son in free for all and the father in my son the fanatic.



My son the fanatic


  1. Fanatic, Islam, England.
  2. I thought that the boy was going to be more dramatic and more extreme.
Setting Incident
At home He is looking for clues that his son is taking/selling drugs.
At the cabbie’s office He discusses whit his friends what he thinks.
In the taxi whit Bettina He gets help from Bettina to look for clues that his son is taking drugs.
The restaurant whit his son His son is judging him because he does not follow the Islamic fate good enough according to his son.
The taxi back home His son is judging Bettina because of here line of work (prostitution)



  1. b) His work place is much freer and he can say be more himself then he can do at home.




Parvez Ali


Short tempered







  1. b) the relationship seems cold and distant and the whole family seems very dysfunctional.
  2. c) Parvez gets more and more frustrated and dangerous the longer you go into the story and Ali becomes more extreme