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Father-son relatopnships in the stories

In the story my son the fanatic the relationship is very distant. I think that the son and the father in this story don’t usually spend a lot of time together because the father works a lot. In the story the son is a extreme muslim and the father is custom to the western ways of living. The son starts to lecture his father on the right ways to live.  The son says that hes father is not a good man because he don’t follow traditions and muslim way of life. The history end whit that the father beats up his son.

In the story free for all the roles are switched. The father is the traditional and his son is the one that is custom to the western way of living. In the story the son wants to be a musician, but his father wants him to get a “real” job and dress properly. One day the dad gets home his son is playing loud music and scares his mom and sister and his father slaps him. The son call the police and the father gets punished.  The father then flies to his home country with his family and beats his son up.

There is a lot of different element in this 2 stories. Like that the free for all have a lot more fun tone to it then my son the fanatic. The other big different is that the  traditional one in free for all is the father, but in my son the fanatic its the son. And in the one thats custom to the western world is the son in free for all and the father in my son the fanatic.



My son the fanatic


  1. Fanatic, Islam, England.
  2. I thought that the boy was going to be more dramatic and more extreme.
Setting Incident
At home He is looking for clues that his son is taking/selling drugs.
At the cabbie’s office He discusses whit his friends what he thinks.
In the taxi whit Bettina He gets help from Bettina to look for clues that his son is taking drugs.
The restaurant whit his son His son is judging him because he does not follow the Islamic fate good enough according to his son.
The taxi back home His son is judging Bettina because of here line of work (prostitution)



  1. b) His work place is much freer and he can say be more himself then he can do at home.




Parvez Ali


Short tempered







  1. b) the relationship seems cold and distant and the whole family seems very dysfunctional.
  2. c) Parvez gets more and more frustrated and dangerous the longer you go into the story and Ali becomes more extreme

thoughts about Gran Torino

 How does culture influence one’s belief systems and how can getting .to know different cultures change your own belief system? Use the film and your own experiences in your answer.

Walt was very racist in the start of the movies and had some prejudices about the Hmong people. After i while he learns about the Hmong culture from Sue and he learns that he has a lot of things i common whit them. He even says in the movie that he have more in common whit the Hmong people than hes on sons.


What are some of the challenges and pressures Thao and Sue have to deal with as second-generation immigrants?

Thao and Sue have it really hard like most second-generation immigrants. They want to live a normal but  Thao cousin wants to drag Thao in to the Hmong crime community.


Equal education

I think everybody should have a right to get an education. More than 72million children are not in school and over 759 million grown-ups can’t read or write. I belive that….

  • with more education, we can help solve more of the global goals.
  • With more education, we can create more jobs and reach zero poverty.
  • With more education, we can produce more food and reach zero hunger
  • With more education, people can take better care of their health

I can go on and on. I feel that the UN sustainability goals are like dominoes when it comes to education when you have knocked down the first goal (education) more and more goals will fall because of this and so on.

  • The UN goals include getting all girls and boys complete free and equivalent primary and secondary education.
  • Also get equal rights between men and women in the working field.
  • ensure that all students and students acquire the skills necessary to promote sustainable development,

this was a few of the goals in the equal education task.

Internasjonal day

The goal whit this project is to create awareness about this year’s OD project. This year the project goal is to make awareness about Nigeria and the corruption in the oil systems.


We started this project whit learning about the different problem the people of Nigeria is facing.

I choose to learn more about the UN 17 different because I think the UN goals is very important.  The UN goals I learned more about was education in Norway  and the how it is to live in a under developed country like Nigeria.

To get ready for the international day I read about Nigeria and the different between being an oil child in Nigeria vs how it is to be an oil child in Norway

I chose to try to figure out how to solve the oil crisis in Nigeria. The plan I came to is that the country’s in the western world have to come together to help clean up the oil spill in Nigeria.

We started the day what we got went to the UN rom and help the student from Bergen to get ready for their day. We talked whit them about what we had learned and they teach us about things in Nigeria that we didn’t know.

I think that the international day worked really good. I think that the information they gave us was very good and I am grateful that we got to learn so much about what’s happening in Nigeria. What I think we can do different in 2018 is to get more people involve in the rooms. there was a lot of people that didn’t attend any rooms. I think the

planning face went really well. I think my effort in the international day was good I was dedicated and was focus on the days’ work


I thought that her speak was very good and powerful. We in the internasjonal class have already learn so much about the situasjon i Syria, but my friends that dont have this class though the speaks was a real eyeopener. My friends got a hole new understanding on the living environment in Syria. I think we should focus more school time to address this kinds off trouble. I felt it was even more of an eyeopener than what we have already learned.

Nigerian delta

We learn through the song that the environment in  and the surroundings they live in. In the song they talked about there is no schools, medical clinics or social services in most of the villages and no electricity, no clean drinking water. The oil industry is destroying Nigerian land. Nigeria is a country that is rich on oil but the population gets no money or benefits of the oil