Equal education

I think everybody should have a right to get an education. More than 72million children are not in school and over 759 million grown-ups can’t read or write. I belive that….

  • with more education, we can help solve more of the global goals.
  • With more education, we can create more jobs and reach zero poverty.
  • With more education, we can produce more food and reach zero hunger
  • With more education, people can take better care of their health

I can go on and on. I feel that the UN sustainability goals are like dominoes when it comes to education when you have knocked down the first goal (education) more and more goals will fall because of this and so on.

  • The UN goals include getting all girls and boys complete free and equivalent primary and secondary education.
  • Also get equal rights between men and women in the working field.
  • ensure that all students and students acquire the skills necessary to promote sustainable development,

this was a few of the goals in the equal education task.


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