Father-son relatopnships in the stories

In the story my son the fanatic the relationship is very distant. I think that the son and the father in this story don’t usually spend a lot of time together because the father works a lot. In the story the son is a extreme muslim and the father is custom to the western ways of living. The son starts to lecture his father on the right ways to live.  The son says that hes father is not a good man because he don’t follow traditions and muslim way of life. The history end whit that the father beats up his son.

In the story free for all the roles are switched. The father is the traditional and his son is the one that is custom to the western way of living. In the story the son wants to be a musician, but his father wants him to get a “real” job and dress properly. One day the dad gets home his son is playing loud music and scares his mom and sister and his father slaps him. The son call the police and the father gets punished.  The father then flies to his home country with his family and beats his son up.

There is a lot of different element in this 2 stories. Like that the free for all have a lot more fun tone to it then my son the fanatic. The other big different is that the  traditional one in free for all is the father, but in my son the fanatic its the son. And in the one thats custom to the western world is the son in free for all and the father in my son the fanatic.




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