1. What themes are explored?
  2. What stood out as the main
  3. What themes are explored?
  4. What stood out as the main points/highlights in the movie?
  5. What challenged you? What questions did it raise for you?
  6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of adoption?
  7. Why do you think “Lion” was chosen as the title of the movie?


  1. One of the themes that are explored is the issues around adoption and the motivations of parents who adopt children from different countries and cultures to their own.
  2. The highlight of the movie is when Soroo find his mother. This moment has he waited for his whole life.
  3. I was very curious about what Soroo was going to do whit his adoptive mother when he finds his real mother. At the end of the movie he says he will always love his adoptive mother and he even still calls her mom.
  4. I think it is a big advantage to adoption a child from a poorer country like India. Soroo lived on the streets and had little to no chance to find his real family. When he gets adopted his adopted family take care of him and gets him an education and helps him find his real family.The disadvantages whit adoption is that the child can be resentment to his adoptive family like we see this his adoptive brother Mantosh.
  5. I think they chose to call this movie Lion because Soroo rise like a lion through the movie.





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