The kite runner & The good lie

The kite runner is about 2 children Amir and Hassan. Amir is the son of a rich man called Baba, Hassan and his father works for Hassan. The story is about how different life they live. When the soviets invade afghanistan Amir and his father escapes to USA, but Hassan gets left in Afghanistan. Amir later goes back to afghanistan and finds out that Hassan has been murdered by the Taliban. He redeems himself by saving Hassan´s child out of Afghanistan and takes him back to the USA. The kite runner is a good name for the movie because it symbolize Hassan and Amir´s friendship. When he is whiteout Hassan Amir does not fly a kite because he need Hassan to fly it. When Amir takes Hassans child to USA they fly the kite together, but now the rolls are changed and Amir runs the kite to show that they are equal.

The good lie is about 3 guys and a girl from Sudan who have to flee to USA because of the second civil war in Sudan. When they try to leave the country one of them (Theo)  gets taken away. Mamere becomes the leader of the rest of them. At the and of the movie he travels back to Sudan to get Theo to the USA. He end up giving Theo his airplane ticket and passport and sacrificed himself so that Theo can live in the USA. The director chose a good title for this movie. Because when Mamere sacrificed himself for Theo by lying he is lying but it is a good lie.



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