Internasjonal day

The goal whit this project is to create awareness about this year’s OD project. This year the project goal is to make awareness about Nigeria and the corruption in the oil systems.


We started this project whit learning about the different problem the people of Nigeria is facing.

I choose to learn more about the UN 17 different because I think the UN goals is very important.  The UN goals I learned more about was education in Norway  and the how it is to live in a under developed country like Nigeria.

To get ready for the international day I read about Nigeria and the different between being an oil child in Nigeria vs how it is to be an oil child in Norway

I chose to try to figure out how to solve the oil crisis in Nigeria. The plan I came to is that the country’s in the western world have to come together to help clean up the oil spill in Nigeria.

We started the day what we got went to the UN rom and help the student from Bergen to get ready for their day. We talked whit them about what we had learned and they teach us about things in Nigeria that we didn’t know.

I think that the international day worked really good. I think that the information they gave us was very good and I am grateful that we got to learn so much about what’s happening in Nigeria. What I think we can do different in 2018 is to get more people involve in the rooms. there was a lot of people that didn’t attend any rooms. I think the

planning face went really well. I think my effort in the international day was good I was dedicated and was focus on the days’ work


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