My son the fanatic


  1. Fanatic, Islam, England.
  2. I thought that the boy was going to be more dramatic and more extreme.
Setting Incident
At home He is looking for clues that his son is taking/selling drugs.
At the cabbie’s office He discusses whit his friends what he thinks.
In the taxi whit Bettina He gets help from Bettina to look for clues that his son is taking drugs.
The restaurant whit his son His son is judging him because he does not follow the Islamic fate good enough according to his son.
The taxi back home His son is judging Bettina because of here line of work (prostitution)



  1. b) His work place is much freer and he can say be more himself then he can do at home.




Parvez Ali


Short tempered







  1. b) the relationship seems cold and distant and the whole family seems very dysfunctional.
  2. c) Parvez gets more and more frustrated and dangerous the longer you go into the story and Ali becomes more extreme

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