The reluctant fundamentalist

The difference between the movie and the book is very big.  The biggest difference is how you get the informasjon. In the book you see all through Changez eyes. In the movie you can see things from different points of view.

One of the biggest differences is that the plot has changed a lot to. The director put a lot more focus on the racism that Changez is going through and it´s much less focus on Erica. The focus in the cafe is a lot more different then the book. In the book its more or less a one sided conversation but in the movie Changez and Bob talk a lot to each other and they. There is also a different character th in the movie that has been kidnapped and Bob thinks its Changez that is involved

Almost all of the characters in the movie are much more different than the book. The biggest change they do in the story is Erika. The only thing that similar is that her ex died and his name was Chris. She does not have a mental breakdown and Chris died because of her, but in the book he died of cancer and she does have a metal breakdown. Erika and Changez do not even meet in the same way. In the book they meet in Greece but in the movie they just meet at the park. This effect changez because more of the effect he leaves America because of racism.

The other character is the American or Bob. In the book you dont get much informasjon about the americas. In the movie you learn his name right away and thats he is a CIA agent. The focus is almost never on the American in the book but in the movie he have a lot more focus.

To summary in the book there are much more focus on Erika and Changez relationship. The book focus more on Changez and how he reacts in the different situasjons he is in. all over i enjoy the book much more than the movie most because of Changez relationship whit Erika



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