Girl Rising


Which girls’ stories made the greatest impression on you? Why? 

The story that made the greatest impression on me was the story about Suma. Suma is a girl from Nepal. Here story start whit that when she was 6 years old. When she was 6 years old she her parents send her to a master for work. She worked as a slave and hade to work long hours and did not attend school because of this. After a few years she was sold to a new master. Her second master was very violent and she was beaten every day. When she was 11 she was sold to yet another master. A teacher convinced her master to let Suma attend a late-night class whit her. (here)She learned how to read and write. One day a woman came to her master and told her that having Suma work as a slave was illegal. After much discussion, the master let Suma go. After that moment Suma started working to get girls like her realised from captivity. Suma used her freedom to help girls in similar situations/help other girls in captivity

What impressed me most about her story is that even after all Suma went through she stayed in Nepal to help other girls that is in the situation she was in. (help other girls in the same situations)





  • “One girl with courage is a revolution”. After watching the film, what does that phrase imply – do you agree or can you think of a better catchphrase?


I think that the phrase implies that one person can make a big change like Suma. Every day Suma is traveling around Nepal and helping young girls to a better life. I think this is a great phrase because it tells us that girls in underdeveloped countries can stand up and make a different (difference) in the world no matter who they are or where they come from.


  • Girl Risingis neither pure journalism, nor fiction. The filmmakers have tried to go beyond the facts into the human experience. Did you find yourself getting lost in the stories in a way that was interesting or effective? Why or why not?


I found myself getting lost in the stories of the girls because they are unlike any stories I have ever heard. I knew that there is poverty and not equal rights for everyone, but it’s one thing to read or watch a documentary about poverty. In girl rising you get to hear stories of these girls lives. What they felt and what they have experienced. I think that this kind of film makes a much greater impact on people than other documentary’s.




  • The girls of Girl Risinglive in very difficult circumstances. Yet they do not consider themselves as victims. Are you able, through the storytelling, to relate to their lives in a way that lets you empathize rather than sympathize? Why or why not?


I can’t empathize whit these girl at all because I have never experienced anything close to what they have been trough. I have never been forced to work. I have always had enough food, have never been scared that I am going to (die). These girls have experienced so much pain and suffering that I can’t even imagen.


  • What are the messages from the film that you think will resonate most strongly with people who are not already familiar with this issue?


What made the most impact is that some girls live in circumstances like this and can still appreciate what they have, and that some people live under the circumstance that they do.  No girl in the western world can imagen to be forced to get married away and, work as a slave (and) get beaten every day and live in poverty.


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