Operasjon Dayswork

Operasjon Daywork is a annual event where they find a cause and help the people in need. Most schools in Norway joins this activity and collect money for the cause. This year the cause is an oil disaster in Nigeria. The ODW is going to suport the Nature conservation and nature and youth education projects.


In Nigeria the big oil spill have destroyed the forest, ocean, rivers and its hurting people. The water have beenĀ contaminated and the people have no other water to drink so they get poisoned by the water and get lung disease, headache, asthma and joint pain. A areal of almost 40 000km.


All of the oil contamination have destroyed much of the nature in Nigeria and many people have lost there job and most of the people in Nigeria are very poor and struggles to bay for there children to school. sins the boy dont go to school and very poor are they very easy targets to get recited in violent gangs. The girls get used ass sex workers. We have to help Nigeria and get the children back to school. Everybody should go to school and get a education instead of getting forced to go outside the law to survive.


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